Survey says women prefer their horses to their men

  • It’s official — women prefer their horses to their men.

    According to a survey by new equine social networking site www.trotontv.com, nine out of ten female riders would rather spend more time with their horses than with their partners.

    And over 60 per cent consider their horse as being above all else “a friend”.

    “They give unconditional love, but it is also their presence, spirit and beautiful appearance that is so attractive,” said one user.

    And another said: “Horses are simply amazing! They keep me sane.”

    Participants in the survey classed their horses’ “intuitive understanding” and their “beauty” as their most endearing qualities, while “patience and determination” were the qualities they felt they learnt most from being with their four legged friends.

    The survey also discovered that women felt most connected, fulfilled, exhilarated and least vulnerable while out riding and felt a “total sense of freedom and escapism”.

    Co-founder of the site John Bethall said: “It is estimated that over 75% of riders in the UK are women and we were fascinated to discover the reasons why they love horses. As a male I was quite surprised with some of the results, but it shows what a deep emotional connection women have with their horses.”

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