Stolen tack – Can you help?

  • Hampshire police are appealing for help to identify a number of items of tack that were seized following a raid on premises earlier this month.

    Items found include a number of bridles with small home engraved discs featuring the following names on them: Solo, Flash, Tara, Jay, Mal and Martha.

    Also found was a large hand-made wooden trunk containing show preparation equipment, such as brushes – one of which had the name Nicky and another that had the name Novie on it. Inside the box was also a competitor’s number with name Zara and C.S. Sheznaer.

    Other items include a 17″ Fieldhouse GP Pro Extra saddle (pictured) with the serial number 990997045 on it, as well as other pieces of tack which have no obvious identifying features other than the makers name.

    Anyone with any information on any of the above items should contact WPC 311 Tilbury at Hythe Police station, Hampshire (tel: 0845 0454545).

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