Sprenger launches new pony bits

  • Concious of the fact that smaller equines often have minds of their own and that their pilots sometimes need a helping hand when it comes to steering and control, lorinary company Sprenger has launched a new range of bits specifically for ponies.

    The Pony Programme bit range includes various styles, mouthpieces and sizes.

    The Dynamic RS Bradoon has an angled lozenge that sits on the tongue and disperses pressure evenly, while the standard Dynamic RS is an egg-butt snaffle with fixed cheeks that is more suited to ponies that are fussy in the mouth.

    The KK Ultra has a central lozenge that provides extra comfort to ponies with long tongues or small mouths, while the KK Ulltra-Type has added small cheeks at each end of the mouthpiece to stop the bit from sliding through the mouth.

    Completing the collection is the Turnado snaffle, a single-jointed, loose-ring bit that sits at 45 degrees in the pony’s mouth and enables riders to give clear signals.

    All the bits are made with sweet-tasting Aurigan metal and come in mouthpieces ranging from 14-16mm.

    For information telephone: 01352 763350

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