Spotlight on speeding motorists

  • Good news for riders on the roads in Lancashire as new speed awareness course targets drivers

    Lancashire County Council has developed a speed awareness course for drivers who have been detected marginally exceeding the speed limit.

    The full day course, which costs £95 and is paid for by the driver, is offered instead of the fixed penalty and fine.

    Project manager Ian Bell is keen to point out that this course is not a soft option: “This is an extensive course aimed at making drivers aware of vulnerable road users, such as riders and cyclists.”

    The day consists of a two and a half-hour theory session, which looks at time management, the reasons people speed and the consequences of speeding. There is also a three-hour practical session with an approved driving instructor

    More than 300 people have attended the course so far and it is hoped that it will permanently change peoples attitudes and driving behaviour.

    As a result it is estimated that the number of road deaths will be reduced by 40, and that around 700 road injuries will be avoided.

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