Somerset needs you! Horse world mobilises to help flood victims

  • The equestrian community across the country is coming together to help people in Somerset who are struggling to feed their animals after the destruction of pasture and hay stores by flooding.

    Supermarket chain Tesco has stepped in to help and has agreed to transport the donations from the Gloucestershire area down to people in Somerset.

    The Gloucestershire effort is being coordinated by Francesca Pollara from the Sunhill Stud, Meysey Hampton.

    “At the moment I have got 3 lorry loads of haylage and straw,” Francesca told H&H.

    “We need people to donate more. The livestock that has been moved is likely to need to be fed for another 2 months.

    “We all have horses and if we were in the same situation I hope someone would do the same for us.”

    Eventer Bruce Haskell is also trying to raise support.

    “At the moment all I am trying to do is get more and more people involved,” Bruce told H&H.

    “It started at the weekend and now hopefully it is starting to snowball.”

    If you are in the nearby area and can help then please email Francesa (francesca@sunhillstud.co.uk).

    As well as the effort in Oxfordshire, hunts have also been helping to co-ordinate efforts. The Quorn, Fernie, Belvoir, Cottesmore and North Cotswold have all made donations.

    “Anyone connected to the countryside will be able to relate to the suffering and despair that these farmers are going through,” said Joss Hanbury joint master of the Quorn.

    “They are desperately in need of fodder for their animals, which in many cases have had to be moved out of flooded fields or barns to other farmers.”

    Geoff Brooks, owner of the Eurobale haylage business in the Quorn country, is organising the collection and transport costs for that area. (email eurobale9@aol.com).

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