Showjumping yard shocked by birth of ‘white’ mule

  • A rare white-coloured mule foal has been born at the Hertfordshire-based Greenacres Equestrian much to the surprise of the yard’s owners Di and Pennie Cornish.

    One-week-old Daisy made her appearance into the world rather unexpectedly after Pennie had purchased her dam, a 13.2hh Connemara, for their riding school — not knowing she was in foal.

    “I bought the mare in February from friends who had got her from Ireland, we had no idea and nor did they,” said Pennie, who owns the showjumping yard and riding school with her mother Di. “We only found out in the later stages of the pregnancy and then out popped this funny looking thing, with huge ears. I’ve bred quite a few horses and had some surprises but nothing like this.”

    The exact colouring of the filly is not known and Pennie is also in the dark about who the sire is.

    “I know white horses are so rare, she hasn’t got blue eyes but does have pink around them. I’d say she’s nearly albino, but she has got some spots appearing on her rear so maybe she will be an appaloosa,” added Pennie. “Even the vet can’t tell us. Also when she was first born, she had bad eyesight and couldn’t see anything.”

    However, it sounds like Daisy has made her mark at the yard and won’t be going anywhere soon.

    “The kids love her so she has to stay now and I am thinking of keeping her as a yard mascot. If she’s well behaved enough I may take her around county shows next year and raise some money for charity,” added Pennie, who co-owns the Hickstead Derby-winning Caritiar Z with her mother and Nigel Eccles.

    “My seven-year-old daughter Chloe has fallen in love with her. She’s a sweet filly and very brave — if you call her name in the field she comes cantering over.

    “If I was paid a pound for every person at the riding school who has come and visited her, I would be a millionaire,” she said.

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