Former show rider wows Britain’s Got Talent judges

  • Eagle-eyed viewers of Britain’s Got Talent last night (Saturday 23 May) might have spotted a familiar face from the show scene among the successful acts.

    Swansea-based Corrin Casini (pictured far right) — a former showing rider and daughter of well-known commentator Carey Knox — is a member of an all-girl singing group called the Honey Buns.

    The group earned the magic “four yeses” from the judges for their rendition of the classic Weathergirls number “It’s Raining Men”.

    Corrin, 33, has also done some commentating herself and co-ordinated the music for Equifest’s evening performances last year, but she is perhaps better known on the equestrian scene nowadays as a bespoke hat-maker.

    Her creations are worn by numerous lady judges on the showing circuit and are also popular among driving exhibitors — Jessie Howell, last year’s  Horse of the Year Show harness final winner, was sporting an original Corrin hat, as were five others in the final line-up.

    So, how did performing in front of the dreaded Simon Cowell rate?

    Riding at any large county show was always scary and had the same adrenaline rush,” said Corrin, also a trained singer with degrees in Performing Arts and Musical Theatre.

    “But this was marginally easier because there were six of us, all supporting each other, as opposed to being on your own with your pony in the ring — not to mention mothers watching and telling you what to do!”

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