Shetland stallion plays “Mum”

  • A veteran Shetland stallion gets a new lease of life as he takes charge of an intake of foals at an ILPH centre

    Staff at an ILPH centre in Aboyne , Scotland, became increasingly concerned for Bootsie, a 28-year-old Shetland stallion, after his life-long companion, Snudge, died.

    The two friends were originally brought over from the Fairways Horse Sanctuary. Perthshire, which closed down at the end of 2000.

    The Shetlands were the only two ponies among 23 Clydesdales and Shires resident at Fairways.

    Bootsie, who measures just 7hh, went off his food when he lost his friend. Staff at the centre hoped that he might find a new friend from the latest arrival of foals.

    “Instead he took on the role of mother to all of them, rounding them up , looking after them and teaching them good manners, ” said Linda Freebrey from the ILPH.

    “Bootsie has gone from strength to strength and is taking hismothering role very seriously.”

    Bootsie will remain at the centre, but homes are needed for six other Shetland ponies.

    For more information contact the ILPH (tel: 0870 873 1927).

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