Second horse dies in road accident at Ashford, Kent

  • A second horse has died in the Ashford area of Kent, following the death of a 22-year-old horse on Saturday.

    Police have reported that a loose horse — that is thought to have escaped from a field — was hit by a car at 5.32am this morning.

    Officers were called to the scene of a road traffic collision between a car and a horse on the A20 at Hothfield.

    A rugged chestnut mare, which had been reported as missing earlier, died at the scene.

    The driver of the car, a 33-year-old woman was not injured.

    A spokesman for Kent Police has also confirmed that a female rider was taken to hospital on Saturday with back injuries following a road accident which killed her horse.

    A second rider and horse were injured at the scene.

    Police have not confirmed if any charges will be pressed against the young male driver.

    The police are warning drivers to be alert when overtaking horses, not to drive close up behind them or sound horns, and to drive past them slowly given them a wide berth.

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