Scribbles’ bid for a world record, aged 51

  • Retired Cornwall riding school pony Scribbles, aged 51, may be the oldest pony in the world.

    Scribbles, was bought by Jill Power of Strawberry Gardens Riding School in Camborne in 1978 as an already “long in the tooth” 20-year-old for a mere £125.

    He worked for 24 years and was retired in 2002, going to live with current owner Alison Eathorne and now spends much of his time lying down in the field.

    Mrs Eathorne said: “The vet is always amazed at how fit and healthy he is. He is a real character even if he is slowing down. I think he could have another five years in him.”

    She is sending all of his official documents to the Guinness Book of World Records team in the hope that he will become a record breaker and be officially recognised as the oldest pony in the world.

    The previous official oldest pony was a Shetland Exmoor gelding named Sugar Puff. He reached the grand old age of 56 and died in 2007.

    Domestic horses have an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years, and few live much beyond 30.

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