SCH (Supplies) Ltd launches new website

  • Equestrian and countryside supplies company SCH (Supplies) Ltd has launched a new website.

    The company has worked with web developers Infotex to create an “easy to navigate, user friendly” site.

    “We’ve tried to incorporate some new features into the updated site, such as our ‘shop by use’ feature,” Linda Bartlett from SCH. “This enables anyone with particular interests, for example smallholders, to view products which may be of specific interest to them.

    ‘It would be good to see some more people not only visiting the site, but engaging with us on facebook. It would build on the sense of community that SCH already has.”

    SCH have been manufacturing in the UK for 26 years, and have free 76 page colour brochure available to anyone who requests it – coming soon to the website is an easy-flip on line version.

    The company has a range of products for smallholders, horse owners, sports managers, gamekeepers and gardeners.

    The new website is at www.schsupplies.co.uk

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