Saddlery research needs to be better communicated

  • Scientists and industry experts need to improve the way they communicate to ensure that cutting edge research in horse, rider and saddle interaction reaches a wider audience.

    This was the one of the key messages of the inaugural Saddle Research Trust’s (SRT) international conference, which took place at the Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge and the Animal Health Trust (AHT) last month.

    The three-day seminar – the first of its kind worldwide – included eminent speakers such as Dr Hilary Clayton from Michigan State University.

    It brought together vets, researchers, saddlers, physiotherapists, riders and trainers to discuss where current research in this field is heading and target key new areas for investigation.

    SRT director Anne Bondi, said: “There is a huge amount of new technology becoming available to researchers in this field, which makes it very exciting.

    “A lot of work needs to be done, but this workshop represents the first important step. We are thrilled that this subject has caught the public imagination and hope that this will stimulate fund-raising for future research.”

    Conference chair Dr Sue Dyson, head of orthopaedics at the AHT, added: “This was a fantastic opportunity to share ideas and collaborate for the future, which will ultimately benefit both horses and riders.”

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