RSPCA called out repeatedly to ‘dead horse’ — which was an old bath

  • After a number of calls from members of the public concerned about a “dead horse” they had spotted lying in a field, RSPCA officers leapt into action this week.

    An inspector visited the field in question, off Gain Lane, Bradford, on Monday (7 August) but could find nothing.

    More calls about the dead horse came in the following day, so again an officer visited the site. And again, found nothing.

    After still more calls from the public on Wednesday, perplexed RSPCA inspector Nikki Cheetham went to the site to investigate – but found only an old and broken bath.

    “After following one of the callers’ directions and finding only an abandoned bathtub, I called him to check I’d got the right spot,” she said.

    “He said he could see the field from where he was and that I was standing right next to the dead horse.

    “Suffice to say he was a little embarrassed!”

    The RSPCA said there is a number of horses in the field in question, which is behind two large office complexes, but that all of them are well and healthy.

    Ms Cheetham said: “Whilst we always want people to get in touch if they have specific concerns about an animal, and we’re certainly glad this wasn’t a dead horse, there is a serious aspect to this too.

    “We are a charity with very limited resources, and three different inspectors have been out to this location over three days to look for an abandoned bathtub.”

    The RSPCA reminded the public that anyone who spots a suffering animal can call the charity’s hotline on 0300 1234 999.

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