Roland’s nags and nails: got bitten and missed Olivia Newton-John

  • It’s not been the best week for me. I missed meeting Olivia Newton-John and was bitten hard on the back by a horse I was trimming.

    The truth be known, I was more unimpressed about being bitten as, not only did it really hurt, but it was the first time which means I’ll probably be bitten a lot from now on.

    Funnily enough, I was only just congratulating myself about not yet being bitten as I have done a year and four months of my farrier apprenticeship, so felt that was worth a mental pat on the back. I think I’ve opened the flood gates now. It’s a bit like thinking how good the traffic is. It’s fatal!

    Celebrity spotting is not one of my fortes. I can count on one hand the famous people I’ve spotted and, without being rude, none of them are worth talking about. Is David Bellamy at Kings Cross station worth a mention? Perhaps not.

    Anyway, if I had bumped into Olivia Newton-John in an Exmoor yard, while stinking of smelly horses’ feet, that would have trumped most people’s celebrity spots. Extra marks would have to be awarded for being outside of London and not at an event. And of course Olivia has to be an A rate/B rate celebrity — certainly a few notches above David Bellamy (sorry David!). It would have been a good spot, without a doubt.

    Well Kris, my training farrier, did spot Olivia and said hello to her. I’ve had this independently verified, as I had my head under a horse when she passed by. If I’m really honest though, had it been Kris under a horse and me walking between stables, I wouldn’t have had a clue who she was!

    Until next week



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