Riding clubs support microchipping

  • The microchipping company, Identichip, is offering special promotional prices for horse owners attending British Riding Clubs microchipping days

    British Riding Clubs are encouraging horse owners to have their horse microchipped via a deal with microchipping company, Identichip.

    Emma Spivey, from British Riding Clubs, said: “With the theft of horses on the increase, we believe that anything that promotes their safety and means stolen horses can be traced is good. “

    Each riding club organising a microchipping day for their members will be issued with an information pack including a poster to publicise the day and 50 information leaflets.

    Identichip’s distributor’s, Animalcare, will be offering the service at a special price of £25 and will donate £2.50 to the riding club for every horse microchipped.

    Animalcare will also provide a vet to carry out the service.

    The system, which the company claim “causes no discomfort to the horse“, works by injecting a small chip – the size of a grain of rice – under the skin of theneck.

    “Once inserted the animal won’t even know it’s there. It cannot be removed and your number cannot be changed,” said a spokesman.

    “Scanners are available at vets, animal wardens, slaughter houses, sales rings where the identity of the horse needs to be verified.”

    A central database can match up the number with the details of the animal and the owner’s address.

    For more information contact Identichip (tel: 01904 487687).

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