Why we riders have to take some responsibility for our own safety on the roads *H&H Plus*


If ever a post about horses’ being on the road appears on social media, in a non-equestrian group, you can guarantee some of the responses.

There will be someone saying “horses shouldn’t be on the road anyway”. Someone will moan about poo. Someone will advise riding in “all those fields” instead.

It will get heated. Arguments will start.

There will also be comments from riders saying we’ve got “more right” to be on the roads than cars. Someone will say “horses were here first”. I’ve seen people ask “why should we have to say thank you to drivers who pass properly?” and “why should we have to wear high-vis?” I’ve seen someone say any collision on the road is always the driver’s fault.

Yes, we should all be able to ride our horses on the road without fear of being hit by an irresponsible driver. But equally, we should all be able to own tack and equipment and not have it stolen by some low-life – but that doesn’t mean we don’t lock the tack room door. If you didn’t, and your tack was stolen, people would be sympathetic but they’d also ask why you hadn’t secured your stuff.

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