Riders star in TV show Dangerous Jobs for Girls

  • The new Channel 4 series called “Dangerous Jobs for Girls” kicks off tonight featuring three able horsewomen.

    Scottish businesswoman Nicola Ross-Watt, former young rider European show jumping champion Gemma Paternoster and barrister Dr Laura Davidson traveled to an area called the Pantanal in Brazil to work side-by-side with Brazilian cowboys, known as Pantaneiros,

    At one point during the show Nicola refuses to castrate an unanaesthetised horse.

    “I thought it was barbaric,” said 32-year-old Nicola Ross-Watt. “They told us we had to do it, but I refused.”

    While the riders coped with the rough realities of life in Brazil, the pantaneiros came into the filming with their own prejudices about the women.

    “They thought we’d be weak and feeble,” said Nicola. “They said women are only good for the bedroom and the kitchen. But I think we gained their respect.”

    Dangerous Jobs for Girls begins tonight, 30 July at 10pm on Channel 4.

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