Riders pay tribute to young girl with #BlueForBonnie campaign

  • Riders from across the country are sharing pictures of themselves and their horses in memory of Bonamie Armitage, the nine-year-old girl who suffered fatal injuries while out with a hunt.

    Owners are posting photographs on social media with the hashtag #BlueForBonnie, in memory of the schoolgirl, who was kicked by another horse while out with the Cotswold on Saturday (3 April).

    The pictures include rider or horse wearing something blue, as this was Bonnie’s favourite colour.

    Tracy TMac wrote on Twitter: “Competitive or not, addicted we become, in times of devastation, equestrians form as one.”

    Hayley Dawn Whiteley posted: “Nine years old is far too young to leave this world, post a picture of you and your horse in blue.”

    Bonnie was riding her Shetland pony Lindsay when she was kicked. She was airlifted to hospital but died later that day.

    Jack Lander wrote: “Hope you are riding in the sky”.

    The campaign echoes the #RideForOlivia hashtag, for which riders shared their favourite horsey pictures in memory of Olivia Inglis, who died in an eventing accident on 6 March. The pictures were made into a mosaic of Olivia riding, which was given to her family.

    Kally Gray wrote on Facebook: “This was so powerful previously on social media. Can we do it again?”

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    A statement released by Bonnie’s family last night read: “Our daughter, Bonnie, was a wonderful person. She was a beautiful, vivacious and compassionate girl, who touched the hearts of everyone who knew her.

    “She loved riding, and was never happier than when with her Shetland pony, Lindsay.

    “We will miss her more than we can say, and we greatly value the prayers of so many of our friends.”

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