Rider involved in collision with horsebox hopes to find the driver

  • A rider whose horse was involved in a collision with a horsebox which did not stop at the scene hopes to find the driver.

    Kate Fleming was riding her 16.3hh gelding Tucky with friends Bethan-May Williams and Chloe Gowan yesterday (26 February) on Lower Icknield Way, Chinnor, Oxfordshire when the lorry approached from behind.

    Kate told H&H: “It didn’t come up fast but it had to stop because a car was coming the other way. But then it revved up to pass us and the horses spooked.

    “Tucky started dancing around and going backwards and the side of the lorry hit Tucky’s backside as it passed us. There were three horses dancing around on the road, but they drove off.”

    Kate rode back to the yard which was five minutes away.

    “Tucky seems fine, he’s sound but has a nasty mark on his rump, we’ll see how he is tomorrow. I got a fright, I hate going on the roads anyway but Tucky is very good and is as near to bombproof as you get with a horse. It goes to show it doesn’t matter how bombproof your horse is,” said Kate.

    “I’m very cross it happened – of all the people who should know what to do it’s horsebox drivers, they’re the people who should be getting it right.”

    Kate said the lorry was pale blue with wooden struts on the side.

    “Sadly I only got the first part of the registration plate,” she said. “I’ve reported the incident to the police and we hope some houses in the area may have captured the registration plate on CCTV – I’ve put a post up on the local community Facebook page. First and foremost I want the driver found and made accountable – you don’t hit an animal and drive off,” she said.

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