Retired racehorses join riding school

  • Twenty-four ex-racehorses fly from Hong Kong to a new life in a riding school in Shanghai

    The Hong Kong Jockey Club is sending its retired racehorses to mainland China for retraining in various equestrian sports.

    A cargo of 24 horses recently flew the two-and-a-half-hour trip to Shanghai, where they will be used in a riding school and equestrian team run by the Shanghai Equestrian Association.

    The association has two equestrian competition courses and a 500-metre sandy track. It has been set up to promote equestrian sports and “develop the next generation of riders”.

    Teams representing the association are already competing in national showjumpingcompetitions, as well as in pentathalon events.

    Cargo manager of airline, Dragonair, which flew the horses said: “This is the first time we have flown horses between Hong Kong and Shanghai. As with any cargo we fly we’ve taken very good care ofthis shipment.”

    The horses were kept in a purpose built airstable and attended by four grooms and one vet.

    Dragonair is a Hong-Kong based airline, with a cargo network connecting the markets of Europe, the Middle East, Japan and China.

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