BE responds to high level of balloting

  • British Eventing (BE) is “doing its best” to seek additional days of competition in an effort to combat the high level of balloting its members have faced this season.

    BE events received a surge in entries following cancellations earlier in the year due to wet weather.

    This increased demand, particularly in the southeast and southwest regions, has led to more entries to be balloted.

    Balloting is carried out if an event attracts more entries than it can accommodate. Balloted entries are not accepted into the event and the entrance fee is returned.

    “We would like to reassure all of our members that we are doing our best to seek additional days where we can and will act if the opportunity presents itself,” said a BE spokesman.

    “We all fully appreciate this is an incredibly frustrating time, especially following a spate of weather-related abandonments; we will continue to do our best to provide as much sport as possible.

    “What has been evident at some events is that there has been a large volume of entries just prior to ballot which makes planning and discussions around adding extra days very difficult, as we do not have a clear picture of entries until the very last minute.”

    Rockingham International (20-22 May) received around 550 entries in the 24 hours before ballot.

    Event status

    BE has provided the information to competitors regarding the status of forthcoming events:

    Berskshire College of Agriculture (1) (11-12 June) has received 761 entries with 191 of these being balloted.

    “It is sadly not feasible to add a further day of competition due to it being a college venue and the challenges of running a weekday competition,” said a BE spokesman.

    West Wilts (1) (11-12 June) has received 953 entries received, with 227 of these having to be balloted.

    “The recent wet weather has meant that various changes have had to be made to the cross-country course, therefore, it was decided that it would not be possible to add a further day of competition,” said a BE spokesman.

    Meanwhile, Nunney International (17 – 19 June) has space at all levels.

    Rackham (18-19 June) has space at BE90 to BE100Plus level.

    BE said the event would be able to take many of those balloted from Berkshire College of Agriculture (1).

    Stratford Hills (18-19 June) has space at BE80(T) to novice levels.

    Treborough Hill (1) (25-26 June) has capacity from BE80(T) to novice level.

    Farley Hall (25-26 June) has spaces from BE100 to intermediate.

    Offchurch Bury (2-3 July) is in its first year as a BE venue.

    It entries open on 27 May with classes from BE80(T) to the new BE105 trial level.

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    Entries for Chepstow (2-3 July) are now open with four-year-old classes to intermediate novice.

    Tweseldown (3) (9-11 July) has classes running from BE80(T) to open intermediate and its entries open 3 June.

    Bicton Arena (2) (9-10 July) will open for entries on 3 June for BE80(T) to open novice.

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