Raising funds for rescues

  • The BHS is organising two challenging rides next year to help raise funds for its rescue centre

    Are you looking for an unusual holiday destination? Does the idea of trekking through the Andes in Peru on horseback, or riding native horses along mountainous trails in Iceland fill you with excitement and anticipation?

    The British Horse Society is offering you the chance to enjoy a holiday with a difference. The society is organising two challenging rides during 2002 to help raise funds for the BHS rescue centre.

    Riders undertaking the Inca Challenge (22 June-5 July) will need nerves of steel and a head for heights as they will be negotiating the Inca trail through the Andes in Peru on mountain ponies.

    Only fit riders need apply as challengers must be capable of hiking up and down gradients at altitude, often leading rather than riding your mount.

    Challengers are required to raise a minimum of £2,800, which must be banked with the BHS by the beginning of April, plus a £350 non-refundable registration fee payable at the time of booking.

    If you prefer a cooler climate, the Viking Challenge (18-25 August) will see participants trekking through Iceland on Icelandic horses. At just 13hh, these native horses are capable of carrying an adult, and have a unique gait, the Tolt, which is both fast and smooth for the rider.

    Negotiating glacial rivers, riding along the sea shore and climbing mountainous trails make for a varied and action packed event, requiring a good level of fitness from participants. Challengers will be responsible for caring for the three or four horses they will be riding each day.

    The Viking ride takes place 18-25 August 2002. Challengers must raise a minimum of £1800 before 10 June 2002, plus a £250 non refundable registration fee payable at the time of booking.

    For more details contact Wendy in the BHS Welfare Dept for an information pack (tel: 08701 299992).

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