Quorn to launch hunting safety helmet

  • A hunt has developed a new safety hat that will be available to buy for the coming season.

    The Quorn Hunter riding cap is the result of discussions between members of the hunt and manufacturer Charles Owen.

    “It has been designed to maintain a traditional look whilst bringing the headwear up to date with modern safety standards,” explained hunt secretary Peter Morritt.

    Following some unfortunate high profile accidents and head injuries recently, our huntsman Peter Collins expressed an interest in seeing if we could develop a hat that would satisfy the traditionalists while incorporating the safety standards expected of modern headgear so I approached Charles Owen and it’s all stemmed from that.”

    Peter Collins (pictured) — who has been the huntsman of the famous pack since 2002 — revealed why he decided it was time for him to progress from wearing a more traditional type hunting cap:

    “I ride a motorbike in the summer and wouldn’t dream of getting on that without a proper safety helmet,” he told H&H.

    So I decided it was time for me to make a stand and for us to explore the idea to see if there was a way to satisfy the needs of hunt staff and the wider hunting community.”

    The hat, which is based on the traditional deep-crown hunting cap worn by many hunt staff and subscribers, carries a British standard kite mark and has a safety harness.

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    Roy Burek, managing diretor of Charles Owen, told H&H: “This is a big step for a member of hunt staff to push this initiative and we are keen to support those hunts who are moving away from the traditional hunting cap to something that meets modern safety regulations.”

    The hat, which is branded inside with the Quorn Hunt’s logo, will be available to buy at £250. They will be stocked at the kennels and will also be available via the hunt’s website.

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