Anti-hunt activists ‘bullied’ business which shared picture of foxhound

  • A small business has become the victim of an online bullying campaign after posting a picture of a foxhound on its website.

    East Yorkshire-based AK Wedding Photography was set up by Kristy and her husband Alistair ahead of Alistair’s retirement from the Royal Marines. Alistair completed  almost 11 years of military service and twice served in Afghanistan.

    “I innocently posted the picture of the Holderness hound in February following a visit to one of their meets,” explained Kristy.

    “It was a lovely picture and has received numerous positive comments but out of the blue on Saturday we started to be targeted by anti-hunting activists.”

    They are trying to ruin our business because we showed a picture of a foxhound and we have been subjected to a lot of online abuse.

    The worst part is they have accused us of not returning a deposit to a bride who cancelled her wedding because she was anti-hunting.

    But we have only ever had one cancellation during the five years we have had the business and that was over a year ago and that had nothing to do with the bride’s view on hunting. The couple booked their wedding three years in advance but then split up and decided not to get married so we gave them their deposit back.

    “It is outrageous that anyone can make up lies and say whatever they like online, often using false profiles to try to damage a business and reputation in this way.”

    The couple decided to make it known that they were being bullied and as a result previous clients of their photography business have posted positive comments on their Facebook page to counteract the negative reviews that have been made public.

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    One of the reviews says: “I hope the people leaving 1* reviews on this basis never have their own businesses come under fire in such an injust way.”

    A spokesman from pro-hunting group This is Hunting UK told H&H the group is “actively supporting the company in turning this from a negative situation into a positive one”.

    “We have been so pleased with the response we have had from the hunting and countryside communities for their support during this very difficult time,” said Kristy.

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