Ex-4 star eventer goes to Pony Club camp

  • One member of the Quorn Hunt branch of the Pony Club was the envy of all her friends at camp earlier this month — as her partner for the week was Jeanette Brakewell’s former ride, Chill Out Bob.

    The 17-year-old gelding, owned by Hazel Stockdale Wright, retired fit and sound from top-level eventing earlier this year. For the past few months he has been ridden by Hazel’s daughter, Charlotte Wright.

    Charlotte, 16, said Jeanette’s former head girl had suggested that she take Bob to camp.

    Chill Out Bob pony club

    Charlotte and Bob (second from left) and friends at camp

    “At first I was worried he may not adapt to the Pony Club lifestyle, especially as he used to be described as a ‘cross-country machine’,” Charlotte told H&H.

    “But Bob was simply a star! He caused quite a stir when the word got round about his past. Friends would come up and admire him and he loved the attention.”

    Chill Out Bob Cantering along

    Bob in his element — cantering along on the cross-country course

    Bob completed 8 4-star events, including 5 consecutive Burghleys and 2 Badmintons.

    With that 4-star form, the cross-country at camp was no problem for him — and he also competed in a Chase-me-Charlie competition for the first time in his career, taking it all in his stride.

    Chill Out Bob Cross country

    Charlotte and Bob tackle a decent hedge

    “He was so relaxed throughout the week and loved every second of it,” said Charlotte.

    “Bob was as grumpy as ever in the stable, but I soon learnt to handle him and even won best turned-out for the whole week.

    Chill Out Bob indoor jumping

    Bob enjoys some showjumping in the indoor arena

    “We also came 6th in the 2-day event we did at the end of the week. I was very pleased as I have only been riding him properly for a few months.

    “It has done the world of good for my riding as I have learnt so much from him. I can’t wait to do some other events with Bob.”

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