Quadrille riders ‘hugely disappointed’ Olympia final axed

  • The British Riding Club (BRC) quadrille final will no longer be held at The London International Horse Show, Olympia.

    Show organisers cited timetable, parking and stabling constraints as reasons for cancelling the fixture.

    From 2016 the final will be held at an alternative venue, yet to be announced.

    “The Olympia horse show committee had to make the regrettable decision to discontinue hosting the BRC quadrille,” said a show spokesman. “We would like to thank everyone who has been involved for their support over the years.”

    Riders have expressed their disappointment at decision.

    Kent’s Moat View Riding Club was crowned winner of the final for the fifth time at December’s show.
    “Having the final at Olympia gives you something to really work for — it will be a great loss,” team member Sam Prior told H&H.

    To even ride in the warm up arena and see backstage is amazing, it’s not something you normally even get to see.

    “In 2012 we had the vaulters next to us and we could see them practicing their routine in the stable. Last year we saw the Household Cavalry getting their horses ready.

    It takes a year to prepare and to ride at Olympia is the icing on the cake. I don’t think it will draw as many teams if it’s not there.”

    A BRC spokesman added that it was “hugely disappointing” for their members to lose the Olympia final.

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    “Due to timetable constraints, as a result of their growing programme of international classes Olympia is no longer able to host the BRC quadrille finals.

    “It is hugely disappointing for our members to no longer have the opportunity to compete at such a fantastic show. For many it has been the highlight of their riding life.”

    An alternative venue for the quadrille final has been secured and an announcement will be made by the BRC in the near future.

    Ref: H&H 11/2/16

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