Puppy walkers wanted

  • Dogs for the Disabled launches a recruitment drive for people to help “socialise” a puppy for a year

    Volunteers are urgently needed as “puppy socialisers”, for the charity, Dogs for the Disabled.

    Those chosen – families or single people – would take a puppy into their home for a year and introduce it to as many different situations as possible.

    Jane Howard, a spokesperson for the charity, said it was having toturn away puppies because it doesn’t have the homes to put them in.

    “The criteria are quite strict so it’s not that easy to get people. Primarily we are looking for people who are within an hour’s drive of Banbury, Oxon, have a stable home life and don’t plan to leave the puppy on its own for more than four hours at a time.”

    The socialisers would be trained and given support throughout the year and have all the bills paid.

    Puppies for the charity are either donated or bought and are usually Labradors, Retrievers, Border Collies as well as some cross-breeds.

    Dogs for the Disabled has trained more than 200 dogs to carry out practical tasks, giving people with disabilities an enhanced quality of life.

    For more information (tel: 08700 776600) or visit www.dogsforthedisabled

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