Pull-on half chaps designed for children

Footwear company Tuffa has designed some pull-on chaps to help young riders put their own riding gear on.

The “Miss Tuffa Easy Peasy Pull-on Half Chaps” don’t have zips and so can just be pulled over the child’s foot.

“I’ve watched my daughter struggle with her half chaps,” said Tuffa’s Michelle Girling.

“Of course I help when she’s getting ready for riding, but she’s very keen to do things for herself.

“And so I set out to find a way to prevent her frustration, when all she wants to do is go out and get her pony.”

The chaps – which are machine washable – are made from Lycra with faux suede calf pads.

They are available in sizes 3-12 years and cost £14.99.

For more information visit www.tuffaboots.com

Find out how the chaps work

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