Project your ‘horsenality’ with a Parelli rug

Feeling the chill? Why not curl up on the sofa in a Parelli Horsenality Eco Blanket to keep yourself cosy and warm, and project your, or your horse’s, innate character!

The new Horsenality Eco Blankets are made from 100% recycled polyester with a contrasting whip stitch and come in four colours.

And each blanket features one of the four Parelli horsenalities:

  • right brained introvert – “be gentle with me.”
  • right brained extrovert – “focus me!”
  • left brained extrovert – “play with me!”
  • left brained introvert – “what’s in it for me?”The new Horsenality Eco Blankets are priced at £39.93.

    For more information visit www.parelli.com

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