Prizes for ragwort pullers

  • Horse owners across Britain will be joining forces against the spread of ragwort next week (2-8 April).

    As part of the 2007 Ragwort Awareness Campaign, the BHS is calling for volunteers to organise ragwort pulling parties to remove the deadly weed from grazing land and surrounding areas.

    Hundreds of horses die each year after eating ragwort and the BHS is determined to stop the yellow-flowered weed spreading over grazing land across the country.

    “Our aim is to continue to educate horse and land owners of the dangers ragwort poses to both grazing animals and human health,” said Rachel Molloy, BHS acting senior executive of welfare.

    The BHS strongly recommend wearing gloves at all times when handling ragwort, and protecting skin from contact with the weed.

    Ragfork have very kindly donated 100 Ragforks, available to the first 100 people to request one for their own pulling party from r.molloy@bhs.org.uk

    As an added incentive, Robinsons Country Leisure are providing £300 worth of prizes for the three teams showing the best effort or most initiative in putting together a ragwort pulling party. To enter, teams are asked to email or send in a brief report by 1 May 2007, including a before, after and team photograph to r.molloy@bhs.org.uk

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