Pony put down after getting stuck between a horsebox and a bank

  • A pony that became stuck between a horsebox and a bank on the outskirts of Torquay had to be put down despite the best efforts of the local fire brigade.
    Rizzy, a 31 year-old family pony, became wedged between the lorry and a bank when walking between them. She slipped underneath the vehicle and become trapped.
    Two units from the Devon and Somerset fire service were called to the stables in Ridge Road, near Coffinswell, at 9.45am last Thursday (22 October).
    A local vet also arrived to sedate Rizzy. The firemen then used lines to move and secure her legs and bales of hay to support her and make her comfortable. They then executed a seven-point turn to manoeuvre the horsebox away.
    But it was soon found that Rizzy’s leg was broken, and she had to be put down.
    Shirley Davis, who bought Rizzy in Cornwall for her son over 17 years ago, told local papers: “Rizzy was just mooching about outside the stables when she fell over.
    “Fortunately, we don’t think she had been under the vehicle too long when she was found.
    “It’s very sad. She was a lovely pony.”

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