Pony has sight restored by Animal Health Trust vets

  • Vets at the Animal Health Trust (AHT) have restored the sight of an abandoned Welsh pony.

    Morris, a Welsh Section C, was rescued in 2008 by Suffolk charity the Horse Rescue Fund after his owner stopped looking after him.

    He had cataracts in both eyes and fundraising by the charity enabled him to have his first eye operated on in November 2008.

    And a year later the AHS agreed to chip in from its deserving cases fund to pay for the second operation.

    David Donaldson, head of equine ophthalmology, at the AHT, said: “Being able to offer our skills and experience to other animal charities is very rewarding because often the animals they’re looking after are the ones who have been treated badly and so desperately need our help. We’re pleased we’re able to improve their lives.”

    Morris came back to the AHT over Christmas and now has sight in both eyes.

    Sue Albone, of the Horse Rescue Fund said: “We’re very grateful to the AHT for their help. Morris hasn’t had a great time over the last few years but now he has his sight back he’s reforming into a very cheeky chappy!

    “Without the AHT, he’d still be blind and his future would look very bleak.”

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