Pony Club members celebrate passing A test

  • Nine members of the Pony Club are celebrating after passing their A test.

    And the organisation credits a new modular retake system to have helped up the pass rates for test.

    Of the 15 Pony Club members who took the tests during 2014, nine passed, with two of the successful candidates benefitting from the new retake initiative.

    For the first time candidates who failed one of the four sections of the A test were allowed to retake part of the test to try to gain a pass.

    “The introduction of a modular retake has allowed candidates to really focus on the areas they needed to improve and is being proven in the resulting passes,” said William Blane, the Pony Club’s chairman of training.

    The 2014 A test passes were awarded to:

    • Laura Brown (Tullylagan)
    • Jennifer Galuszka (Wokingham)
    • Louise Chamberlain (Craven Hunt)
    • Emma Brown (East Antrim)
    • Alice Walker (North Shropshire Hunt)
    • Kate Mills (Golden Valley Hunt)
    • Amy Barlow (Portman Hunt)
    • Elizabeth Spencer (Warwickshire Hunt)
    • Annabel Kishor (Warwickshire Hunt)

    The candidates had to ride unknown horses on the flat, over showjumps and cross-country fences during the exam and demonstrate a practical knowledge of lungeing.

    The A test is on a par with the British Horse Society stage 4 riding and horse care exam.

    Tests were held in both the spring and autumn at Warwickshire College, Bampton Stables and Talland School of Equitation.

    Former restaurant manager, Emma Brown, 23 passed with honours this autumn and hopes to continue working in the equine industry and be involved in the Pony Club.

    “I have had a lot of congratulations since passing and even a couple of extra teaching jobs, which is great. It has really helped boost my confidence in my ability,” she said.

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