Polo challenge for Horse & Hound Cup

  • Foxcote v Los Locos for the coveted Horse & Hound Cup at the Beaufort Polo Club

    The Beaufort Polo Club once again hosted the Animal Health Trust Challenge Cup Polo Day, in conjunction with KPMG, and the trust’s supporters and sponsors were treated to a entertaining afternoon of polo.

    The first game of the afternoon was the final of the 18-Goal Duke of Beaufort Cup, with local rivals Foxcote and Los Locos battling it out for the Horse & Hound Trophy.

    The first chukka was dominated by the midfield Foxcote players, Keyte and Clarkin, who, working brilliantly together, left the two Vestey sisters free to run. By the end of the first, the score lay 3-0 in Foxcote’s favour.

    Los Locos were quick to pull back in the second and a lovely pass from Araya allowed Emma Tomlinson to open their account. Araya then dominated the chukka and just before the bell, Los Locos having clawed back to 3-3, took the ball to the Foxcote goal, converting just before the whistle.

    The third chukka was fast and furious, and, with the wind in their sails, Los Locos increased their lead to 5-3. Tough midfield play resulted in a penalty for Foxcote, which saw the score go to 5-4.

    Los Locos immediately counteracted by converting a penalty and some lovely defensive play from Simon Tomlinson left Araya free to take the score to 7-4 at the end of the third.

    Foxcote fought backwith an impressive attack, the combination of Clarkin and Keyte again taking the upper hand, and going into the fifth had managed to draw level.

    The last chukka was tense, with play running from end to end. With just under 2min to go, taking advantage of the opposition’s tired ponies, Keyte took control of a pass from Clarkin and dribbled the ball in, taking the final score to 8-7 to Foxcote.

    Foxcote: 1, N Vestey (3); 2, J-P Clarkin (6); 3, S Keyte (7); Bk, T Vestey (2).
    Los Locos: 1, E Tomlinson (2); 2, L Di Poal (7); 3, P Araya (7); Bk, S Tomlinson (2)

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