Polish farmer caught driving a horse and lorry while drunk

  • A polish farmer is facing charges after being found drunk and in charge of a horse and a lorry at the same time.

    When his lorry broke down, Leszek Stepien, 62, of Skwierzyna, hitched his stallion to the front of his vehicle to try and tow it to the garage.

    Stepien, who was over twice the legal drink-driving limit, unwittingly steered the makeshift carriage straight into the path of an oncoming car sending the lorry crashing to its side.

    Incredibly, both the horse and the drivers escaped unscathed.

    When police arrived, an undeterred Stepien was standing in the road berating his horse for causing the accident, yelling, “This is all your fault”.

    “Luckily the horse wasn’t injured,” officers told local papers, “but the owner is facing charges for animal cruelty and drink driving.”

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