Police horse survives being hit by firework during violent football clash

  • Police have confirmed to H&H that the horse hit by a firework during a riot at a football match last weekend is unhurt.

    A total of 29 fans were arrested during the incident at the Sunderland v Newcastle match on Saturday, 25 October.

    During the violent clash between the rival fans at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light a firework was thrown, striking a mounted officer.

    Chief superintendent Neil Mackay, head of the force’s operations unit said: “A firecracker thrown by a Sunderland fan hit the officer on the helmet — which protected her — and it then fell on to the horse.

    “It is difficult to comprehend the mentality of this. It is only through good fortune that the rider and horse and those nearby did not suffer serious injury.”

    “There will be a post match enquiry to identify and arrest those who committed offences”.

    A spokesman from West Yorkshire police told H&H: “Our horses were in attendance but the firework was thrown at a South Yorkshire horse. We know that neither horse nor rider was injured — some clothing and the rug was singed but nothing more.”

    A South Yorkshire police spokesman confirmed that neither officer nor horse were hurt.

    Missiles were also thrown at the players, officers and rival fans throughout the match. One officer had his wrist broken while attempting to separate rival fans.

    Fans also invaded the pitch during and after the match.

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