Police horse Scorton, 21, retires from Lancashire Constabulary

  • The Lancashire Constabulary police horse Scorton is set to retire from service at the impressive age of 21.

    Scorton has proved himself to be a dependable asset to the force, serving loyally for the past nine years.

    He is able to look forward to a comfortable retirement in Leyland, thanks to the charity World Horse Welfare.

    Louise Davenport (pictured) has cared for Scorton for the past four years, and will continue to do so at her farm in Leyland.

    She said: “He has been a fantastic police horse throughout his service and it is an honour to give him the long and happy retirement he deserves.”

    Jeanette Taylor of Mounted Branch commended him as, “a very good operational horse carrying out a variety of duties from football to day to day patrols”.

    Scorton has been involved in a number of high profile incidents, such as the violent racial attacks that occurred in Burnley in 2001. He also represented Lancashire in the Queen’s golden jubilee celebrations at Windsor Castle in 2005.

    His last day at work was at the Blackburn Rovers versus West Bromwich Albion football match at Ewood Park on 24 May.

    Scorton has proved to be “an absolute treasure” according to Jeanette, and he can look forward to a well-deserved retirement.

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