Plan your holiday on horseback

  • The eighth edition of the BHS’s “Bed and Breakfast for Horses” is out now

    As world events encourage more people to holiday at home this year, the latest edition of the British Horse Society’s “Bed and Breakfast for Horses” provides riders with up-to-date information on places to holiday with their horse.

    The eighth edition of “Bed and Breakfast for Horses” contains more than 400 places around the country offering accommodationfor horses, and in many cases their owners too. Each entry includes a description of the location and facilities provided for horse and rider.

    Some equine B&B’s offer the services of a trail guide and the chance to hire horses, while others list nearby attractions to enjoy when you’re not in the saddle.

    Combined with the BHS ” … on Horseback” series, which includes details of circular and linear rides in a choice of counties around the UK, Bed and Breakfast for Horses makes it easier for horse owners to enjoy a holiday with their horse.

    “Bed and Breakfast for Horses” is available from the BHS Bookshop (tel: 08701201918) cost £5.95, plus p&p.

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