Mary King’s near miss at Bramham [IN PICS]

  • A sequence of photos have come to light, showing how a frangible pin saved Mary King from a potentially nasty fall at Bramham earlier this month (5-8 June).

    The photos show MHS King Joules hitting the fence, the rail breaking and dropping, enabling the horse to stay upright.

    The eventer received a yellow card for dangerous riding at the event — her 2nd yellow card for the offence in a year.

    Mary described MHS King Joules as “disappointingly strong and unruly” across country and pulled up soon after this incident. She was interviewed by the ground jury, who said she should have pulled up at the fence before.

    As it was a 2nd yellow card within 12 months for this offence Mary was banned for 2 months. Her previous yellow card was handed to her at Le Lion d’Angers last October where she was riding Cavalier Venture.

    Last week Mary told H&H she feels “humbled” by the reaction from eventing fans who described it as a “disgrace”.

    Nearly 8,000 people have signed a petition to overturn her ban.

    Although the FEI confirmed to H&H the ban will remain, Mary said she is grateful for the support.

    “I can’t thank everyone enough for all their kind comments,” said Mary, who was on holiday celebrating her daughter Emily’s 18th birthday when the news came in.

    “I feel very humbled by the tremendous support from so many people.”

    Pics by Richard Marwood/rfmequinephotos.com

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