Petition for better off-road riding presented to government

  • A petition calling for better off-road riding and driving has been presented to the government.

    The petition, which has over 23,000 signatures, was started by the British Horse Society (BHS). Equestrians signed up via the BHS and Ride-UK websites.

    The petition states: “More opportunities for off-road horse riding and driving are needed now. We ask the government to deliver a comprehensive network of routes now.”

    Representatives of the Equestrian Access Forum gave the petition to Jonathan Shaw, the minister for the horse industry, on 20 February.

    Mr Weston, director of access for the British Horse Society, called upon the government and local authorities to think about and provide for the needs of equestrians in the same way as they do walkers and cyclists.

    He said: “This petition demonstrates the groundswell of support from grass-roots riders and drivers who are concerned about the lack of provision for equestrians in our Rights of Way network.”

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