Patients surprised by pony wandering round hospital

  • Patients in hospital in Shropshire were surprised to see a pony doing the rounds last week.

    The pony, called Beauty, escaped from a nearby field and walked straight into the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford on Friday (18 September).

    When staff found it walking through the X-ray department they called the police and the RSPCA, who came to remove the pony.

    It took 20 minutes to coax Beauty out of the hospital with apples.

    Lorna Rutter, who was at the hospital, told local press: “I went up to the X-ray department and when I came out my husband told me the porter had said a horse had just been down the corridor.”

    A spokesman for the RSPCA told H&H: “We were called out on Friday after the pony was spotted at the hospital. We were expecting to find the pony in the car park or somewhere, but it had actually got into the hospital itself.”

    RSPCA inspector Dave McCartney helped catch the pony and took it back to the nearby field it had escaped from.

    But as the fencing wasn’t secure the pony has been taken temporarily to a local livery stables.

    She added: “It’s lucky the pony wasn’t harmed and we urge all horse owners to ensure their fields and stables are secure.”

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