Patey Hats tradestand grounded after owner breaks his ankle

  • Paul Baynham-Honri of bespoke hatmaker Patey Hats has broken his ankle and will not be out and about with his trade stands until at least mid-July.

    “I tripped over some bricks in a Tesco carpark in Nailsworth, and dislocated and broke my ankle,” Paul told H&H.

    He has been lying in Gloucester Royal Hospital for 10 days, waiting for the swelling to go down enough for surgeons to operate.

    “I hope that will be tomorrow,” added Paul, who estimates it will be a further three weeks until he can get back to work fitting hats in Patey’s Cirencester show room.

    Patey makes bespoke riding, polo, top and bowler hats that are popular in all disciplines of the horse world.

    “I’ll be on crutches, so I should be able to get to work in late June but I won’t be able to drive so won’t make it to the shows we’d planned this summer,” said Paul.

    Hat fitting is still possible at the London offices, and Paul hopes to have to be out with his trade stand in July.

    “We’ll definitely be at the Royal Festival of the Horse and Peterborough for the Festival of Hunting,” he said.

    Customers should keep an eye on Patey’s website at www.pateyhats.com

    Update: 23 August 2010

    Paul has now recovered from his accident and will be returning to the show circuit with the the Patey Hats Show Unit at Burghley Horse Trials.

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