Paralympic athlete meets the police horses who patrolled the Games

  • Police horses on duty during the Olympic and Paralympic Games have proved very popular with the public – and their presence in the Olympic Park prompted one athlete to request the chance to spend time with them.

    On Saturday (8 September), Paralympic discus gold medallist, Josie Pearson spent some time with the officers and their horses in the Olympic Park, learning about the day-to-day role of the Mounted Branch.

    Horse lover Josie dreamed of one day riding for Team GBR in the Paralympics. However restricted movement has, for the time being, prevented her from competing.

    But she does have a horse, George, as well as three miniature Shetlands – Trillby, Galahad and Alfie.

    Josie said:” I have a passion for riding and I have ridden since the age of four, I love everything about horses, the way the look and even the way they smell!”

    “I love the Met horses, they are enormous and beautiful. I feel very lucky that I have had the opportunity to meet them and the officers; it has been a very special day – a real treat.”

    PC Charlie Legg said: “We feel very honoured that Josie was willing to take time out of her busy schedule after winning her gold medal to come and visit us.

    “Josie has a genuine love for horses and it was very much apparent during her visit. Josie’s visit to the Mounted Branch has been a great way to conclude our time over at the Olympic Park.”

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