Paintings by a donkey to be exhibited in Bristol

  • Move over Picasso — there’s a new artist on the scene.

    Paintings by Patty, a talented donkey, will be on display at HorseWorld’s Bristol visitor centre this Christmas to raise money for the charity.

    You can even commission your own Patty original, for a suggested donation of £60. Simply choose three colours and the eight-year-old donkey will do the rest.

    Rescue donkey Patty’s skills were discovered earlier this year when HorseWorld staff tried to think up activities to keep the mischievous jenny occupied.

    “Patty is very intelligent and becomes bored easily, which can lead to her being destructive.

    “We thought this would be something she could do to keep her happy and busy,” said HorseWorld’s Vicky Greenslade.

    Her style is rather loose and modern. She has been described as an ‘abstract impressionist’.

    Her lips are not the easiest thing with which to hold a paintbrush but, with a modified handle, she manages to produce some good work.”

    Visit www.horseworld.org.uk/shop for more information.

    This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (13 December 2012)

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