Owner is fined £3,000 for causing a pony unnecccessary suffering

  • An owner has been fined £3,000 and has been given a three-year conditional discharge last week after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a pony two years ago.

    Marvin, a 13hh pony, was found tethered in an Essex field in December 2006. A concerned member of the public rang the Redwings welfare helpline.

    Marvin was only 18-months-old when he was found and had wounds on his head and nose — caused by a headcollar, which was padlocked to a heavy chain staked to the ground. He was also underweight.

    A vet was called for to check on Marvin, and confirmed that he was suffering as a result of his low weight, untreated wounds and unsuitable method of tethering.

    The pony was transferred to Redwing’s Ada Cole Centre, but because Marvin’s owner refused to sign the pony over into Redwings’ care, or admit that they were guilty of causing suffering the RSPCA launched legal proceedings.

    After three days of evidence the court case concluded on 17 July and the judge at Basildon Magistrates Court agreed that Marvin’s owner was guilty of causing his pony unnessessary suffering.

    Marvin is now a healthy and lively pony and has finally been signed over into Redwings’ care.

    Jo Franklin from Redwings said: “Marvin is a very cheeky chap and it is sad to think that anyone could have treated him so irresponsibly.

    “We’re grateful to the member of the public who originally alerted us to his situation and to the RSPCA, vet and judge who ensured that Marvin’s story did eventually end happily ever after.”

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