Outcry over donkey meat for sale in UK

  • Row over sale of donkeymeat sausages forces a Kent shopkeeper to withdraw produce

    Pressure from animal rights activists and wide media coverage this week has forced a French shopkeeper to stop selling donkey meat from his shop in Sandwich, Kent.

    Dominic Levet, owner of Dominique’s Delicatessen has been based in the popular Kent seaside town of Sandwich for three years. He told a weekend newspaper that he: “believed the donkey meat he had sold came from donkeys bred in France and killed humanely“.

    Speaking about his decision to stop selling donkey meat, Mr Levet said: “I have been here for three years during which time nobody has ever come in to complain about what I sell. I do not wish to offend anyone and for that reason I have decided to no longer sell it.”

    Prior to media interest the shop had been selling donkey sausages for £3.50 each, along with othertraditional French produce. Mr Levet is formerly from the south-west region of France where eating horse and donkey meat is common place.

    Animal lovers in the UK were said to be appalled at the thought of eating donkey meat.

    Aspokesperson from the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon said: ” We are really pleased that Mr Levet has withdrawn donkey meat from his shop. Until the transport of donkeys and horses for slaughter is regulated, no one can be certain of the exact origins of their meat and how it was treated prior to destruction.”

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