‘Oscar’ for Aachen

  • International dressage riders and four-in-hand drivers have awarded the “L’Anée Hippique Award” for the best outdoor event in the world – known as the ‘Oscar’ of equestrian sport – to the dressage championships in Aachen this year.

    Every year the disciplines jumping and eventing, and dressage and four-in-hand driving take turns to pair up and decide which was the best event of the year, and this is the second year running in which Aachen has won.

    “In this case we are allowed to give ourselves a pat ourselves on the back,” says Frank Kemperman, general manager of the Organising Committee.

    “We are very pleased that after our victory in 2002 the event has been similarly endorsed this year.

    “But we also have to give thanks to all the co-workers and volunteers who put in all the time and effort to make Aachen so good. Without them, the event and therefore also the awards received, would not be possible.”

    Aachen is also to be the site of the FEI World Equestrian Games in 2006.

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