Opposition Buzz ‘is fine’ after rotational fall

  • Nicola Wilson’s 2012 Olympic partner Opposition Buzz is showing no ill-effects from a dramatic rotational fall at Luhmühlen CCI4* (15 June), and is back home in north Yorkshire.

    He’s absolutely fine and enjoying the sunshine in his paddock,” said Nicola. “It is a huge relief. He had a sore bottom that night, but that was all. We are both ok.”

    The 16-year-old has an outstanding cross-country record and has been pathfinder for the British squad for the past three years.

    He was his usual self, full of exuberance,” said Nicola. “After tripping in the water, he picked himself up and must have thought he could have jumped it in one, taking a stride out. But he only got one back foot onto the step, and although he tried his hardest to take off, he fell at the boat.”

    It was just one of those things. I feel sorry for him because he was so excited to be at another competition, as always,” she added.

    ‘Dodi’ will continue with his schedule as planned after a short holiday, and head to the British Open at Gatcombe in August.

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