Opportunity to stock Elevator bridles and other ‘comfort’ products

  • The Elevator Bridle and Saddle Company is offering retailers the opportunity to stock its innovative “comfort” bridle and other products.

    The Elevator bridle is designed to relieve pressure to the horse’s sensitive poll area.

    Lorraine Green said: “I tried many ideas to attach the bit in a horse’s mouth to allow the horse to be influenced by a rider and used various technical gadgets to prove discomfort or comfort, including heat thermometers to show temperature changes in that area. I finally developed a bridle which has now become the Elevator.”

    The Elevator has a special cushioned underpad to the shaped leather headpiece, which allows the horse’s ears to move freely without rubbing.

    Mrs Green added: “The results are amazing because the horse is now much more comfortable and will no longer be distracted by pain. He can work in a lower outline with ease, which allows his topline muscles to develop, so essential for the modern competition horse.”

    Elevator also produces a saddle, girth, head collar and various other items — all to high comfort levels.

    To learn more about stocking Elevator products, contact the company on 02476 404 or email enquiries@elevatorbridles.co.uk

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