Online petition fights FEI decision to let horses compete on bute

  • Do you agree with the decision to allow bute to be given to competition horses?

    An online petition has been set up to fight the International Equestrian Federation’s (FEI) decision to allow horses to compete on bute and five other controversial drugs.

    The site — www.no-fei.com — was only set up this morning, Tuesday 24 November, and already has 1,700 signatures.

    Last week a narrow majority of equestrian nations voted at the FEI general assembly to allow low levels of dichloreacetate (lactanase), isoxuprine (vasodilator), acetycysteine (mucolytic) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) Phenylbutazone or bute, Salicyclic acid or aspirin and Flunixin.

    The way in which the plans were presented, at short notice, caused outrage. And the decision, taken on Thursday in Copenhagen, has been questioned ever since.

    Most leading equestrian nations are vehemently against the idea — and talk of a challenge abounds.

    To sign the petition, visit www.no-fei.com.

    • To read more on this story, and what it means to everyday riders and to horse welfare, read this Thursday’s issue of H&H (26 November).

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